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October, 2011 Monthly archive

A pioneer in the world of branding and identity, Wally Olins, haswritten several books. This, The Brand Handbook, is his latest. It is a completely revised and updated edition of his out-of-print 1995 classic introductory guide to corporate identity, and the ultimate primer on brands and branding A step-by-step practical guide to understanding and creating brands, Wally Olins: The Brand Handbook is the Boy Scout manual of branding: straight to the point, compact, colourful, and built to be dogeared by regular use.

Subdivided into nine clearly defined sections, with case-study examples and ‘take-away’ questions, The Brand Handbook explores and explains a wide spectrum of brands and branding programmes, including Apple in the US, Mitsubishi in Japan, Repsol in Spain, Daimler in Germany and Lloyd’s in the UK, and sets out the ground rules for branding success in the 21st century.

A must for branding designers, available from here


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I really like the way the work has been photographed in this book.

Commissioned by the Swiss publisher, GCE. Faced with an open brief we set ourselves the challenge of presenting our commercial work in a new way. After laying every print project, unedited, on a film-studio floor, a custom-made copy-camera rolled over the work photographing the archive. The method allowed for the design decisions to be made through the camera lens and once the shots had been taken the book layout became the relatively easy task of selecting a sequence of images.




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Great book showcasing Sainsbury’s design studio 1962—1977

Produced in collaboration with the Sainsbury family and The Sainsbury Archive, the book reveals an astonishing and exhaustive body of work. A unique insight into what and how we ate, the packaging is presented using both scanned original flat packets and photographic records made at the time. With an essay by Emily King featuring interviews with Peter Dixon and Lord Sainsbury of Preston Candover.

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A great monograph of Basel-based artist Hanspeter Hofmann, initally trained as a natural scientist, he turned to quasi-alchemical experimentations as processes of form-finding, and to printing techniques for grounding his pictorial work.

The book feels like a series of screen-printed reproductions each french folded into sections, worth the purchase.

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This book was designed by North for the Photographers Gallery, as you can imagine both design and photography are worth the purchase, bargains be found on Amazon.

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Just purchased this ‘Design drawing one’ from the amazing bookstore Counter-print.

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